The mission is to present Innocent’s commitments through the claim “fruit well raised”. This is in line with the growing trend towards organic. The French are more and more interested in what they consume through production, recycling and all the negative externalities.
Our target is defined by the term “Irrational”. These are those who tend towards more responsible consumption although they are often tempted by the easy way out.
“It’s hard to do ecologic acts”.
We want Innocent to facilitate and encourage the eco-responsible approach for irrational consumers who want to make sense of their purchases.


Small steps, by our well-behaved fruit.

The idea is to define Innocent as THE brand that not only acts but also accompanies the transition towards more responsible consumption. To do so, using the bottle as a medium and the label as a support is the red line of the campaign, as well as proposing many actions in different areas to create an interaction with the consumer.