We had to invent an electric car of our choice and define the means of communication and operations to launch it. We decided to create an e-4L for Renault’s 60th anniversary.
e-4L 3 Renalut par yann terrer jérome garzon Benandcam
Our main target are the 30-60 year olds, urban, interested in cars and who are sensitive to the environment. The communication also had to make the sales force for the commercials and reach the journalists.
The autonomy of the electric car is a brake and there is a lack of personality in the zoé.
The 4L has been a very robust car with a lot of history, and these are the points we have to work on, which is also the reason for the launch of the e-4L.


Rétromobile show (Classic car)

On the stand we want to re-discover the iconic 4Ls from the films as in everyday life (the gendarmerie, the post office…) to touch the sensibility and transform them into e-4Ls. And setting up a system to simulate a film set.

4L Trophy

Games competitions on social networks where people share the best moments and memories in a 4L. The winner will participate in the 4L Trophy with the new E-4L.

PR Event

Journalists (automotive and generalist) and youtube players specialising in cars will be invited for an evening at the Renault workshop on the Champs Elysées, a place steeped in history for the brand. We will invite Esteban Ocon and Michel Fugain, as well as the winner of the 4L Trophy competition. The participants will be able to test the car and they will leave with a powerbank in the shape of an e-4L.